• Usage of the installation is at your own risk.  Profootball GmbH accepts no liability whatever for any accidents or injuries.
  • Instructions from the groundsman and whatever other administrative and supervisory bodies must obligatorily be followed.  Those who do not respect these terms of use or the site regulations may be excluded from further use of the facilities either temporarily or permanently. This is also valid for clubs that rent the facilities with regard to any other gross violations.
  • The organiser and/or the relevant club have joint liability for any damage caused by those using the sports complex.
  • The groundsman decides whether the sports complex may be used.  If the complex may not be used however, Profootball GmbH accepts no liability for any costs arising therefrom.
  • Profootball GmbH accepts no liability for any objects stored or left on the sports complex and which are thereafter lost.  No (damage-) compensation will be provided by Profootball GmbH in such cases.
  • Bearing in mind that we wish to provide an orderly system of playing and training, we thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation and we wish you a pleasant time at our sports complex.

Profootball GmbH – Artificial Turf Pitch Piesendorf
(The Management)


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