We, the Profootball GmbH, wanted to offer the region the possibility of playing turf sports such as American football and soccer the whole year round.  Since the only artificial turf pitch in the whole of Pinzgau is in Saalfelden, the decision was quickly taken.  We need another artificial turf pitch in Pinzgau!

Now we set to work planning and convincing others.  The next step was to carry out preliminary talks with the Gemeinde Piesendorf (local council) and potential landlords about a plot of land.  We encountered much enthusiasm and on it went to contracts and financing/subsidies applications to the state and the Leader Fund as well as approvals and permits from the Salzburg Land authorities.  To get this far, we needed money, patience and a few deep breaths in order to finally end up with no subsidies but all the required authorisations.

After over five years of planning and preparation it became a reality in April 2017 – we could build.  A milestone for the project!

Artificial turf 120 meters long and 55 meters wide would be laid.  Permanent lines for American football and soccer, 6 floodlight towers as well as a container building with changing rooms, sanitary installations and a meeting room for discussions and video analysis.  Thanks to a strong investor and the support of the Sparkasse bank in Mittersill, we were able to raise ca 600.000,00 € and finally begin the construction work at the end of July 2017.

November 2017 finally saw the official opening of the site.

We would like to thank everyone who has accompanied us on this long and difficult journey and supported us in every aspect both beforehand and during the realisation of the project and who also continue to do so today”.

Team Profootball


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